I was born in Philly and moved the Big Apple at the age of 18. I graduated from Pratt Institute and spent 20 years as an independent photographer. After marrying my amazing wife we created Swig Social, joining forced to create first of their kind real time social content solutions for commercial clients. We then moved to Seattle in 2013 with our daughter Oona Buzz and now son Oscar Rye.  

I've worked with celebrities, high end fashion houses, top ad agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. I've hung out of hot air balloons, jumped from planes, driven fast cars, snowboarded on multiple continents and ridden my bike down the center lane of 5th Avenue and brew my own beer. 

Since moving to Seattle I’ve expanded my skills from photography to award winning creative direction, content strategy and UX. I’ve established scalable teams for agencies and companies alike to enable brand and business growth. I’m always up for new opportunities to stretch and build new teams.  

If you've got a project that you think I'd be interested in, get in touch. I'd love to chat or just share a beer.